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4 Oct

Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploration Consortium

In early 2010 the Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploration Committee was formed to discuss the future of academic and athletic programs at Tuskegee University. In 2013 the name was formally changed to Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploratory Consortium.

As the Consortium continues to expand with members, from various geographical areas, with a multitude of experiences in industries and occupations, it was imperative to shift from a ‘committee’ status to a ‘consortium’.

Academics was at the Consortium’s founding and still is today the driving reason for the Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploration Consortium to request that Tuskegee University explore transitioning from NCAA Division II into Division I (FCS). Over time the Consortium has expanded and includes TI/TU alumni from many generations. 

The Consortium wants to engage with: the alumni family, students, administration, faculty, staff and friends of the univesity by offering this website, our Facebook page and Twitter page

Tuskegee had an excellent 20th century. Now, lets make the 21st century even better.

Move Skegee Forward !

Please explore the menu to the right side of this page to learn more about why its time to explore NCAA Division I (FCS).

TUD1Explore has paused its activities. TUD1Explore will continue to share information on Tuskegee athletics, share graphics via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media formats to promote Tuskegee student athletes and all that is great about Tuskegee University. 

Please share this website address with others. 


Some activities

Photo of Consortium members, at the 2010 Homecoming, signing up supporters in the Tuskegee University Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center

Photo of Consortium member during the 2011 Homecoming

A photo of two TU alumni, who attended Homecoming 2011, that saw the Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploration Consortium’s sign pointing out what conference they would like to join.

Photo of a few Consortium members meeting in Atlanta

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