In early 2010 the Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploratory Committee was formed to discuss the future of academic and athletic programs at Tuskegee University. In 2013 the name was formally changed to Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploratory Consortium.

Academics was then and still is today the driving reason for the Tuskegee Alumni NCAA Division I Exploratory Consortium (TUD1Explore) to request that Tuskegee University explore transitioning from NCAA Division II into Division I (FCS).

TUD1Explore has paused its activities. TUD1Explore will continue to share information on Tuskegee athletics, share graphics via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media formats to promote Tuskegee student athletes and all that is great about Tuskegee University.

TUD1Explore Video
Why is it so important to plan for the future Tuskegee University and not just plan for tomorrow? Learn what exploring is about by viewing the TUD1Explore video
Alumni and student,….Tuskegee is the love we found and the love that treated us right…..
Click the image screen below and the video will begin

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NCAA Division I Student Athletes




Explore Whats Next

Alice Coachman

Be Bold Again

Be Bold Again 2014

Division I FCS

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